icon-shoes We have a variety of program options that can service a wide range of goals. Click to read more!
  • We offer several programs and services that are by design for everyone no matter your age, fitness, experience, or athletic background. These programs seek to fulfill the various lifestyle, health, fitness and performance goals of our clientele. This means we spend a lot of time working with our clients, using not only programs with sound strength and conditioning principles, but on lifestyle and nutritional recommendations as well. We have an understanding that all of these elements combined are crucial to the success of any fitness related journey. Depending on the direction you want to focus your attention, motivation, goals, and budget we have the services to accommodate. Most of our services require some form of consultation, assessment and fundamental training to ensure competency before entering.
    • Individualized Personal or Group 
    • Strength and mobility 
    • FMS and core stability 
    • Prep academy 
    • Crossfit 
    • Bootcamp 
    • Youth development and performance
    • Everyone is different and needs varying degrees of support in the fundamental categories for success. The personal training program is our most comprehensive service. Nutrition, strength training, conditioning, mobility, and coaching all suited to you.  Starting with a private evaluation your coach will design you a program that will help you achieve your goals. Progressively teaching you the components, taking action and building new habits into your lifestyle. Accountability is crucial. your coach will be assessing and evaluating progress that you log together, so you can continue to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. Rehab, Football, Endurance training you name it we can personalize it.
    • The CrossFit program combines the most effective training methods of Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, and Endurance training. There isn’t a strength and conditioning program that works with a greater diversity of coaches, tools, modalities, and drills to help you achieve your goals. In CrossFit you will train hard and continually break down barriers to set new standards for yourself. Your training is always relative to your personal ability and applied intensity. The Crossfit classes will support, push, and test you every time.*requires Prep Class
    • Our most highly recommended program. Designed for anyone and everyone, this low impact program is for those looking to move safe, move better and move more. We focus on restoring functional movement patterns and getting you pain free. This program will also help you regain strength from injury or surgery. Not only will you move better and get stronger but also increase conditioning and energy levels. We will be educating you to be more aware of the issues in your body so you can take care of them. You will spend time stretching, mobilizing, strengthening, and conditioning your body to be better than ever.  *requires Prep Class
    • Even if you don’t plan on ever joining, we highly recommend knowing how to move safe, maximize leverages and understand the key principles to fitness. You will progressively work to gain the fundamental tools to be successful and comfortably enter into a group class. The functional movements we perform although normal and practical necessities of life need to be done correctly to ensure Health and longevity. This will take conscious effort, time, and practice to learn how to independently execute and scale them safely and competently. You will be educated on what the keys to a balanced fitness program look like and how to achieve your fitness goals.  *this course is case by case and typically goes 6-8 sessions. We test each individual out of this course with fundamental movement and output benchmarks to ensure they are competent enough to enter class.
    • The most common dysfunction and inability we see in adults is the lack of proper breathing, bracing, hinging, sitting and putting their arms overhead. The most repeated basic and functional movements performed by the majority of adults are falling incredibly short when it comes to being a good representation for our youth. Which is why we want to stop that trend and set our future generations up for success when it comes to their health and wellness. With this after school program students and student athletes will learn the fundamental principles of fitness to maximize their performance potential. If you want to be better at something you need to be good at the basics. In this class you will learn to do the the common things uncommonly well. That virtuosity will make you better at any sport and especially life.