Hand Care

By: Sam Dancer

Hand health is one of my favorite topics. Nearly everything we do starts with, or involves, our hands. So treating them well should seem like a no brainer, yet people rip and complain about their hands hurting regularly. I’m also over giving out every pair of grips I own to people after they rip on the days we have pull ups. This unnecessary annoyance needs to be expelled from my life and you are going to help me do it.

If you want results in any fashion you need to have consistency. It should be no surprise that healthy hands are all about consistent maintenance. So here is my routine/protocol:

Step 1: Avoid ripping at all cost. Even if it means stopping or modifying a workout.

Step 2: Wear hand protection such as baraides, natural grips, or leather gymnastics straps.

They won’t completely “protect” you but it will greatly reduce the probability of your hands getting torn up.

Step 3: Once you are done lathering your hands up with chalk for burpees and box jumps consider washing your hands and applying lotion to to them immediately following your workout. Chalk dries your hands, dry hands crack and crack kills, I mean leads to rips. My personal favorite post hand rinsing supplement is WOD Repair Lotion. “These guys actually have a hand care kit”

Step 4: Have something to carve your callus. The use of a pumice stone, sand bar, WOD rod, or sand paper will allow you to have a nice round callus that feels like a silky smooth baby’s bottom made of rock hard turtle shells. Some people use a razor, but I’m not a big fan because it causes irregularity throughout the callus which can lead towards ripping. Easiest measure to ensure routine maintenance would be a pumice stone in your shower but my favorite is the sand bar. Your hands don’t need to look and feel like some sea creature covered in barnacles to do a few pulls ups!

I accumulate thousands of reps of muscle ups, pull ups, t2b, and barbell movements a week so there is no reason for your hands to look or feel worse than mine. I have only ripped once in 5 years and it was the only time I didn’t wear grips while doing pullups… interesting

Lastly, in the event that you don’t listen to any of this and decide to let yourself rip. Follow these steps:

1. Wash and dry hands

2. Leave ripped skin on and apply wod repair lotion underneath it.

3. Cover with bandage preferably “rock tape” then put a latex glove over it. If you can keep this on for 48 hours or at least when you sleep you will have a brand spanking new hand..

Your welcome.

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